Clearwater Collision & Towing LLC

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Clearwater Collision & Towing LLC provides businesses with specific towing needs.  If you own a business and are tired of seeing vehicles parked in your parking lot that need to be towed, you can count on Clearwater Collision & Towing LLC to provide you with the fastest, most reliable service.


Needing to tow your vehicle can be a headache, luckily Clearwater Collision & Towing LLC offers a 24 hour tow service at low, affordable rates!


Locked your keys in your vehicle? We offer an affordable price to get you back into your vehicle professionally and safely without damaging your vehicle!


Whether you are needing service in Oregon or in Washington, you can depend on Clearwater Collision & Towing LLC to provide you with the best tow service.


If you would like to schedule a tow or service, please call the phone number provided below.

Tow Rates:

  • Cars: $129.95

  • Trucks/SUV's: $189.95
  • Dolley: $30.00 extra.
  • Jump Start: $99.95
  • Lockout: $99.95
  • If extra personnel is required: $127.00 per hour extra per personnel added.
  • First 10 miles are free! After 10 miles, price is calculated as an extra $6.00 per mile.
  • Se Habla Español
  • Subject to Change



**Note: Hours are calculated by the minute the phone call is received to the time the vehicle is dropped off and unhooked from the tow truck.**


Address: 4023 W Clearwater Ave, Kennewick, WA 99336

Office Telephone: (509) 783-4815   8:00am-5:00pm

Direct Tow Line: (509) 948-9822     24 hours a day.